Maciunas, George

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Photographic documentation


1. "Pancake event"
    Copy edited by A. Hundertmark
    B/W photo in Peter Moore's flat by H.Sohm,
    16.4 x 12.5 cm.
    Included in "George Maciunas
     und Fluxus Editionen" No. FXC1039

2. "Fluxus Chairman"
    Postcard edited for exhibition
    "In the Spirit of Fluxus" 1993, No. 0036S
    B/W photo of G. Maciunas by P. Moore,
    10.8 x 15.3 cm.

3. "George Maciunas" 1977
    Original Polaroid photo by R. Watts
    is in the J. Paul Getty Muesum
    Copy by L. Miller, 10.5 x 9 cm.

4. "Multi-Bicycle Square Vehicle"
    From Fluxgames, Fluxvehicle day, May 19, 1973
    B/W photo by L. Miller, 11.3 x 14.2 cm.

5. "G. Maciunas, S. Kubota, F. Conz" 1973, N.Y
    Photo signed by F. Conz with dedication to Luigi
    B/W photo, 23 x 17.4 cm.

6. "Fluxlabyrinth" 1976
    G. Maciunas at Akademie der Künste, Berlin
    Three B/W photos by L. Miller, 25 x 20 cm. each signed
a. G. Maciunas working on the entrance
    to the Maciunas/Miller section
b. G. Maciunas closed the Labyrinth until
    the stolen elephant shit was replaced
c. G. Maciunas working on the elevated
    footsteps in the Maciunas section

7. G. Maciunas, object wrapped in rope, 1969
    In 349 west broadway, New York.
    B/W photo by Hans Sohm, 17.5 x 25 cm.

Exh.: 2000, Bassano del Grappa ; 2009, Paris ; 2012, Chiasso.

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