Mac Low, Jackson

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1st Milarepa Gatha


1. Score
    a. Large version, 1978
        Published by Edizioni Pari & Dispari, Cavriago
        Silkscreen on cardboard, 56 x 41 cm.
        Signed and numbered 67/200
     b. Small version, 1980
         with 1st Milarepa Ghata Bb clarinet  
        Two printed sheets (both sides), 28 x 22 cm. each
         Originally bound with "Winds" small version
        Archived in ring binder

2. Audio, included in:
    a. Milarepa Gata, 1978
        Published by Edizioni Pari & Dispari, Cavriago
        Recording of world premiere, realized by J. M. Low  
         and Sharow Mattlin speaker-vocalist, in live concert
         at WBAI-FM'S Church Studio N.Y, 1976

    b. "Concert at the Kitchen", 1984, No. FXM0201
    c. "Open Secrets", 1993  No. FXM0035
         Performers: J. Mac. Low and A. Tardos
    d. "Doings. Assorted Performance
, 2005  No. FX1183
3. Video
    Length: 07'20"
     included in "An Anthology", 1978  No. FXM0717
     Web download. Uploaded on Vimeo by Franklin Furnace

World premiere of instrumental realization, is based on the mantra invoking Milarepa, a founder of Tibetan Buddhism and a Boddhisattva. Translitteration of the mantra were placed vertically in successive columns of squares of quadrille paper.

Bibl.: "Vinyl records and covers by artists", exhibitions catalogue, Bremen, Barcelona 2005, p.93

1a. Score

1b. front

1b. back

1st Milarepa Ghata Bb clarinet

2a.. Vinyl cover

2a. Audio

2c. CD cover

2c. Audio

2d. CD cover

2d. Audio

3. Video