Patterson, Ben

Edition (12 work / s)

Code FX1785   Video / Performance

Dr Ben's Medicine Show


Ben Patterson's 80 birthday tour in:
- Genova, 1st February
- Brno, 28th February
- Berlin, 14th March
- Zürich, 28th March
- Köln, 1st April
- Hannover, 11th April
- Blois, 26th April
- Frankfurt,
- Venezia, 17th May
  Organized by Archivio Emily Harvey and Fondazione Bonotto

a. Performance's relic
    Certificate for Luigi Bonotto signed by Dr. Ben Patterson
    Printed paper, 21 x 29.5 cm.
b. Exhibition poster and advertising flyer No. FX1160
    Laser print on cardboard, 20.5 x 14.5 cm
    and laser print on paper, 43 x 31 cm.

c. Photographic documentation
     - Several photos taken during the tour
     - Photographic composition by W. Träger  No. FXC0016
       of Venice stage. 61 x 88 cm. Signed
     - Photographic documentation by W. Träger
       70 x 50 cm. Signed

d. Video documentation about all the tour
    Realised by W. Träger
    Length: 59'12"
    Web download

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