Saito, Takako

Edition (17 work / s)

Code 0746E   Edition

Grinder Chess (1964)


Published by "ReFLUX Editions", New York
Label designed by G. Maciunas "FLUX CHESS"
Wooden box with catch fastener,
with drilled holes on opposing sides
to represent a chess board with
drill bit polishing pieces and a loosely inserted photocopy
with handwritten instructions to determinate the order
of the pieces for each side, 17 x 17 x 7.2 cm.
Signed and numbered 11/19

See also "Fluxkit labels", No. 0110E

Original project for "Fluxus Editions" designed by T. Saito, 1964
and realised by G. Maciunas, 1965

Exh.: 2000, Naples ; 2012, Chiasso;
"Endgame. Duchamp, chess and the avant-gardes",
Fondació Miró, Barcelona, 2016.

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