Simonetti, Gianni-E.

Edition (16 work / s)

Code 3103E   Video / Edition

Drinking a Young Woman in a Dutch Curtyard 2015. A Visual Musical Score


Published by Fondazione Bonotto

Plastic box, 7 x 10 x 2,5 cm.,
with three different original labels containing:
-  Printed USB key, 5 x 8 cm.
    Video Musical Score Length 42'06''
-  4 explanatory sheets of different sizes

1. Standard version
    Three different copies
    Signed and numbered 45-125-184/ 200

2. Special version
    Signed and numbered I/L
    Signed and hand coloured label by the artist

See also Performance No.FXM0724
and Document No. FXC0958

1. Standard version

Printed USB Key


2. Special version

2. open