Vostell, Wolf

Edition (15 work / s)

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dé-Coll/age-Unfall - 100 Ereignisse Berlin - Fernseh dé-coll/age Verwischung


Published by Edition Baier, Mainz
Three color serigraphs
in pink and black on handmade paper,
each using photographic templates
45 x 56 cm. each.

1. dé-Coll/age-Unfall
Color silkscreen on offset print
Signed and numbered 14/100

2. 100 Ereignisse Berlin
Color silkscreen on offset print.
Serigraph hand-colored in the
head area of the woman crouching
on the floor, which makes each of
the graphics appear slightly different.
Signed and numbered 83/100
The graphic is based on a photo of one of the
100 events of the eponymous happening that Vostell
carried out in Berlin in 1966 at the Galerie Block
(dé-coll/age-happening Frau mit Gasmaske).

3. Fernseh dé-coll/age Verwischung
Color silkscreen on offset print
Signed and numbered 5/100

Bibl.: AA.VV., "Wolf Vostel. Die Druckgrafik", Rass Druck
& Kommunikation, Bergisch Gladbach, pp. 24-27.

1. dé-Coll/age-Unfall

2. 100 Ereignisse Berlin

3. Fernseh dé-coll/age