Symphony of Hunger. Digesting Fluxus in Four Movements

Venice, September 24 – October 31, 2015

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"Symphony of Hunger: Digesting Fluxus in Four Movements" is an exhibition project arose from collaboration between Foundazione Bonotto and School for Curatorial Studies of Venice, which aims to encourage new connections and relationships between the historical works of the Luigi Bonotto Collection and the work of emerging artists.

Considering themes of desire, taste, digestion, and waste, the exhibition will use an experimental curatorial model to orchestrate an organic exploration of corporal, sociopolitical, and aesthetic hungers.

This exhibition re-enlivens the spirit of Fluxus with a convergence of contemporaneity. While the key efforts of the movement may have passed, major threads of its revolutionary intentions live on within the current creative sphere. Many artists today are inspired by the same hunger for expression of social, cultural, and political matters through physicality and interaction

A SYMPHONY OF HUNGER opened September 24, and over the course of the following three days, the exhibition will be progressively unveiled, and the gallery will host a diverse and stimulating series of related programming and events by local and international artists.

The exhibition will align with the release of a new publication titled SYMPHONY OF HUNGER: THE FIFTH MOVEMENT, a complementary tome that will add depth and relevance to the conceptual reflections and relational threads presented in the gallery space. The publication will be created in tandem with the TANKBOYS design studio and printed by AUTOMATIC BOOKS. It will present several newly commissioned texts, including an essay by PATRIZIO PETERLINI Fondazione Bonotto's director, and will provide inquisitive artist interviews and extended research into thematic issues expounded by the show.

The completed exhibition will remain on view through October 31st, 2015.


Symphony of Hunger: Digesting Fluxus in Four Movements

First Movement: Thursday, September 24th at 18:00.
Second Movement: Friday, September 25th at 18:00.
Third Movement: Saturday, September 26th at 14:00.
Fourth Movement: Sunday, September 27th at 18:00.


Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Tizian Baldinger (new commission), Joseph Beuys, Robert Filliou, Hope Ginsburg/ Sponge HQ, Juan Hidalgo, Dick Higgins, Kensuke Koike, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Arrigo Lora Totino, George Maciunas, Walter Marchetti, Christof Migone, Claes Oldenburg, Mano Penalva, Barbara Rockman (new commission), Davide Sgambaro (new commission), Christian Skjødt (new commission)

Project promoted by:
School for Curatorial Studies of Venice
Fondazione Bonotto

Exhibition location
A plus A Gallery, San Marco 3073



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