Andrea Costanzo Martini - Solo per Bonotto

29 July - Fondazione Bonotto. Piazzetta Julien Blaine

语 指南

Within the planning of Operaestate Festival Veneto 37, an original creation inspired by the fascinating world of Bonotto will be presented: by the immense collection of Fluxus and Concrete, Visual and Sound Poetry, the feverish creation and movement of textile machines; a journey between different languages, between their communication possibilities and fundamental inconsistencies.

A weaving work between apparently far apart materials, interlaced to find a new meaning, a new reading. From the 90s pop culture, to Merce Cunnigham's accuracy, through the ballet and animal aesthetics of his movement, in this creation, the dancer and author Andrea Costanzo Martini aims to show to the public a fragmented human body, constantly attracted by other strengths. A body that creates, feels, but who pays the language's price personally. Another tribute to the Foundation, the music that accompanies the dance: among the various music scores, indeed, "Bonotto Poem" appears, specifically composed for Bonotto by Giovanni Fontana, which make as protagonist the unique place also from the sound point of view.

Coreography and performance Andrea Costanzo Martini
Music by Natascha Atlas, Marty Robbins, Giovanni Fontana, Andrea Costanzo Martini
Costums Nir Benita
Video and photos Yoav Barel, Andrea Costanzo Martini
Video performance Mami Shimazaki
Video material
“A lifetime of dance” (su Merce Cunningham)
“Merce by Merce by Paik”
“Points in Space”
"Cunningham Dance Technique"
"Variations V"
from the video archive of Fondazione Bonotto

Andrea Costanzo Martini
"Solo per Bonotto"
Fondazione Bonotto

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