Beuys, Joseph

Performance (12 work / s)

Code 8856E   Performance / Edition

Joseph Beuys: Handaktion / Anatol Herzfeld: Der Tisch (1968)


1. Der Tisch, 1971
  Published by Vice Versand, Remscheid
  Aluminum box, 19,1 x 19,1 x 4,1 cm., containing
  Super-8 film 16 mm (length: 16'00'')
  and magnetic tape ((length: 90'00''),
  with oil paint and original paper label
  Signed by the film participants: ANATOL,
  Joachim Duckwitz, Ulrich Meister, Johannes Stüttgen
  and Joseph Beuys in pencil and inks
  Numbered 134/200
  This multiple is based on the film fragments from 1968.
  Joseph Beuys selected a compilation of stills from the main tape

2. Joseph Beuys. Handaktion, 2009
  Published by Steidl Verlag, Göttingen
  Edited by Eva Beuys and Wenzel Beuys
  Cardboard box 24 x 16.5 x 1.5 cm. containing:
   a. Book, pp. 79, 24 x 16.5 cm.
   b. DVD containing the copy of the
   Super-8 film 16 mm ( 17'35'')
   on repeat for five times
   Total length: 95'38''

"Drama Tisch/Handaktion” was a staged performance with Anatol Herzfeld, Joseph Beuys, and, as participants, Joachim Duckwitz, Ulrich Meister, and Johannes Stüttgen. It took place on January 23, 1969 at the Düsseldorf pub “Cream Cheese.” From a control desk in the corner of the pub, Anatol sent red and green signals to the participants who had their hands fixed on the table: They had to speak as soon as the green light came on; a red light meant they had to be silent. It was accompanied by Beuys’ “Handaktion”, his free acting in a corner of the room.

1. Der Tisch, 1971

2 A-B. Joseph Beuys. Handaktion, 2009