Brouwn, Stanley

Artist's book (11 work / s)

Code FX1390   Artist's book



Published by Aktionsraum 1, München
Clipped sheets printed on both sides
Unnumbered pages, 15 x 21.5 cm

Tatvan is a location in Turkey where a railway line ends abruptly.
Brouwn traveled to Tatvan and took photographs in the direction
of the imagined railway extension. However these are not featured
in the book; the publication gives only a number of "conceived"
distances (one on each page): x - Tatwan 1 Km; x Tatwan 1000 Km ... etc

Exh.: 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: H. Ruhé, "Stanley Brouwn. A chronology", Amsterdam 2001 ; "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution", Chiasso, 1962-2012, p. 206.


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