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Published by ReFlux Editions / Barbara Moore, NY, No. FXC0565
Edited by Barbara Moore
Unnumbered pages, 28 x 22 cm.

With recipes by: O. Adorno, E. Behrman, G. Brecht, F. Breer,
R. Charlip, P. Corner, S. Dienes, L. Eisenhauer, R. Filliou,
A. M. Fine, D. Higgins, P. Hutchinson, R. Johnson, D. J. Jones,
A. Knowles, L. Maciunas, J. H. McDowell, N. J. Paik,
C. Schneemann, E. Schumann, M. Shiomi, M. Snyder, D. Spoerri,
L. Streeter, R. Watts, E. Williams, A. & M. Wilson, P. Yampolsky,
La Monte Young

Design: Brian Buczak
Type design and editorial coordination: Anne Tardos
Cover photo: Peter Moore