Giorno, John / and others

Performance (42 work / s)


Code PVCM3310   Performance Collective

Dial-A-Poem. Poets


Included in Audio cassette "Slowscan vol. 52 - Drag Marks" No. PVCM3842

Side A:
- Unknown Artist, "Poets"
  Length: 30'20''
Side B:
- Unknown Artist, "Poets"
   Length: 08'12''

Recorded in 1973, John Giorno's project organized at Moma and other locations in New York- These poems were originally available to the general public by way of a special telephone number from the architectural league of New York, however due to some of the adult content in certain pieces, the project was threatened by lawsuits by conservative parents and the phone number was disconnected. Various poems by Cage, Seale, Waldamann and others can be heard

See also Audio nn. PVCM0214, PVCM0076

side a

side b