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Code FXCPH0020 1/7   Video Collective / Performance Collective

The Taste of Colour. Art, Food and Fashion


Series of seven colored dinners organized by Rosanna Chiessi,
Pari & Dispari, Cavriago

1. Red Dinner / Cena Rossa, may 13, 1990
     Restaurant "7 Torri" Reggio Emilia
     Performers and invited artists: P. Corner, A. Knowles,
     C. Costa and B. Patterson
   - DVD edited by Pari & Dispari
     and Black-out Editrice, Modena
     A. Knowles, "Build a bean garden", No. FXM0353
     P. Corner, "Red colour music", No. FXM0638
     C. Costa, creation of a "Red text"
   - Three colour photos of the A. Knowles's performance
      by F. Garghetti, 24 x 30 cm.
      Note: During the dinner the video "Food frames"
      was presented by J. Cage and A. Knowles, No. FXCM0093

2. Rainbow Gondola Dinner, may 23, 1990
     Ay-O's Rainbow Happening realized by "Ristorante all'Angelo"
     during the exhibition "Ubi Fluxus Ibi Motus 1990-1962"
     at Ex Granai della Repubblica alle Zitelle, Venice
     Performers: Ay-O and others
   - Dinner Menu
   - 58 colour photos by G. Babazzoni.
     Numbered 2/3 and signed by the artist
   - a. Excerpt from "The Misfits. 30 years of Fluxus", No. FXCM0338
   - b. DVD, edited by M. Cantarelli and M. Avantario
   see also: "Series of Rainbow Happenings", No. FXM0571

3. Pink Dinner / Cena Rosa, june 26, 1990
     Restaurant "La Mangiatoia" S. Gimignano
     Performers: P. Corner, B. Patterson and C. Costa
     Invited artists: P. Corner, C. Costa, M. Mariotti,
     B. Patterson and F. Vaccari
   - Three sheets of explanations by R. Chiessi
   - Dinner Menu by the restaurant
   - Music Menu by P. Corner
   - 73 colour photos, 30 x 20 cm.
      Numbered 3/3 and signed by B. Patterson
   - DVD edited by Pari & Dispari signed by B. Patterson
     See also Document, No. FXPH0753

4. Green Dinner / Cena Verde, sept. 7, 1990
      Restaurant "La canzone del mare" Capri
      Performers and invited artists: E. Andersen,
      M. Bonazzi, C. Costa and M. Mariotti

5. Blue Dinner / Cena Blu, june 18, 1991
     Hotel "Atelier Fiumara d'arte" Castel di Tusa, Messina
     Performers and invited artists:
     G. Hendricks (paints his body and several objects with blue),
     P. Corner (music with ceramics),
     E. Andersen (installation of a balloon in front the restaurant),
     B. Patterson (paints the plates for dinner with others artists).
     Documentation: DVD edited by R. Chiessi
     Signed by B. Patterson and musical interventions by P. Corner
     Video program notes:
     A. Knowles, "Shuffle" 1961, No. FXM0567
     R. Watts, "F/H trace" 1963, No. FXM0342
     G. Brecht, "Drip music" 1962, No. FXM0415
     T. Schmit, "Zyklus for water-pails" 1962, No. FXM0480
     R. Watts, "Two inches" 1963, No. FXM0341
     E. Williams, "Counting song" 1962, No. FXM0527
     E. Andersen, "Opus 157" 1961, No. FXM0154
     P. Corner, "Ceramica rusticana" 1991, No. FXM0163
     B. Patterson, "Paper Piece" 1960, No. FXM0570
     and "Pretty blue", 1991, No. 1485E
     G. Hendricks, "Sicilian nocturne" 1991, No. FXM0164

6. Yellow Dinner / Cena Gialla, June, 1992
     Restaurant "Gargantua" Castello di Montechiarugolo, Parma
     Performers and invited artists: F. Vaccari and others
     Photographic documentation:
     Aterballetto's performance and "Stanza di Van Gogh", F. Vaccari

7. Dinner in White and Black / Cena in Bianco e Nero, 1994
     Realized by Rosanna Chiessi in collaboration with
     Herta Torggler, director of Merano Arte
     at "Pavillon des Fleurs", Merano
     Invited artists: M. Amato, G. Balocco, H. Chin, P. Corner,
     C. Costa, U. Dossi, G. Hendricks, U. Egger, S. Gross, S. Guberti,
     D. Santachiara, A. Thomas, J. De Chirico and F. Vaccari
   - Video cassette by F. Garghetti, signed by P. Corner
   - DVD by E. Marletto
   - Colored photos by L. Bonotto, various sizes
   - P. Corner's Menu "Musica da tavola: cena bianca e nera"
   - Restaurant's Menu
   - Press Release

See also: "Rosanna Chiessi. Documentation and Books", No. FXC0076