Gysin, Brion

Audio (13 work / s)

Code PV2026   Audio

Revue Axe


Part of the periodical "Axe" No. 1 Side B, No. PVC2024/1
Poetry magazine founded, directed
and published by Guy Schraenen, Antwerpen
12'' vinyl record

Audio program notes:
- "Where is that word" (1974)
   Length: 00'53"
- "In the beginning was the world" (1960)
   Length: 01'50"
- "In a palace, in a palace, spoon, spoon, spoon" (1975)
   Length: 02'09"
Total length: 04'52"

Side A: Henri Chopin No. PV2025

Due to a printing error in the copy contained in the first issue
of the magazine, the tracks have been reissued on side 1 of the disk
contained in the number 2

Where is that word

In the beginning was the word

In a palace, in a palace, spoon, spoon, spoon