Shiomi, Mieko

Performance (17 work / s)

Code FXM0381   Video

Fluxus Trial. Destructive performances for piano & computer


Published by Media Opera 2001
Video cassette, VHS
Signed with dedicated to Luigi

Video programme notes:
- L. M. Young :
  "Poem for tables, benches & chairs" No. FXM0294-3
  "Composition 1960 #5" No. FXM0542-2
- L. Miller, "Accord" No. FXM0215-2
- P. Corner, "Reverence for the piano +..." No. FXM0500-3
- M. Shiomi, "Interrupted music" (2 versions) No. FXM0546
- A. Knowles, "Nivea cream piece" No. FXM0032-5
- G. Brecht, "For a drummer" No. FXM0484-2
- T. Schmit, "Sanitas No. 152" No. FX1293-3
- A. Hansen, "Andy Warhol attentat performance" No. FXM0072
- G. Brecht, "Two durations" No. FXM0418-3
- T. Schmit, "Sanitas No.13" No. FX1293-3
- E. Andersen, "Opus 22" No. FXM0011
- T. Kosugi, "Distance for piano" No. FXM0299
- G. Brecht, R.Filliou, "Seng Ts'an Hsin/Hsin Ming" No. FXC0549
- E. Williams, "For La Monte Young" No. FXM0406-4
- E. Andersen, "Opus 16" No. FXM0474
- L. M. Young, "Composition 1961" (2 versions) No. FXM0292
- M. Knížák, "Obard horid mysall" No. FXM0468
- A. Knowles, "Frijoles canyon" No. FXM0031-2
- M. Shiomi, "Falling event" No. FXM0327-2
- L. M. Young, "Composition 1961" No. FXM0292-2
- H. Christiansen, "Verena-Vogetzymphon" No. FXM0260
- L. Miller, "Finger exercise" No. FXM0451-3
- T. Kosugi, "Organic music" No. FXM0427-4
- R. Watts, "Laff trace" No. FXM0284-2
- G. Chiari, "Musica madre" No. FXM0398-2 and FXM0509-2
- B. af Klintberg, "Twenty-five orange events..." No. FXM0477-3
- E. Williams, "10 Arrangements for 5 performers" No. FXM0426
- T. Ichiyanagi, "Music for piano No.5" No. FXM0551
- T. Schmit, "Sanitas No. 13" No. FX1293-2
- M. Shiomi, "Interrupted music" No. FXM0546
- L. M. Young, "566 for Henry Flynt" No. FXM0293-2

Concert "Destructive performances for piano & computer".
Directed by M. Shiomi. Organized by the National Museum of Art, Osaka
during the exhibition "Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994"
Performers: M. Shiomi, M. Demura, M. Inoue, E. Kimura, H. Kinoshita,
S. Shishikura, J. Tsutsui, T. Uematsu and C. Charles  

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