Wada, Yoshimasa

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Earth Horns with Electronic Drone (1974)


1. Audio, 2009
a. Vinyl record
    Published by Edition Omega Point, Tokyo, 2009
    Cardboard folder containing:
  - Three 12'' vinyl records, complete performance's recording
     length: 180'00"
  - Folded poster with a re-edition of "Wada's LIP Vibrators" No. FX0880
    A copy also included in CD
  - Four pages booklet
b. CD
    Published by Em Records, Osaka
    Performance's recording excerpt
    length: 77'10"
Digitally transferred from original master tapes
at Sanwa Studio, Osaka.
Recorded at Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York,
February 24, 1974.

2. Announcement
    Advertising poster for the performance at the Everson Museum
    Auditorium, Syracuse, New York, 1974
    B/w offset on white paper, 34.5 x 42 cm.

See also Unique, No. 0424 and Performance, No. FXM0812

1a. Vinyl record

1.a poste

1b. Audio CD


2. Poster