Williams, Emmett

Performance (16 work / s)

Code FXM0406 1/4   Performance

Voice Piece for La Monte Young


1. Score, included in:
    "Fluxyearbox 1", 1964
    Book version No. FX1250    
    and box version No. FX1251

2. Audio, included in:
    "Tellus #24", 1990 No. FXCM0076
     Length: 00'04''
     Performers: A. Tardos, J. Mac Low, M. Goldstein, Y. Tone

3. Video, included in:
    a. "Some Fluxus", 1991, No. FXCM0389
         Length: 00'33"
         Recorded during the "Fluxconcert"
          at the Kichen, New York, March, 24, 1979
    b. "Fluxus Trial", 2001 No. FXM0381
         Length: 00'40''
    c. "Saitama Once Only Fluxus Ensemble", 2004 No. FXM0531
         Length: 00'25''
         Performer: Ben Patterson

1. Score

3a. video

3b. video

3c. video