Andersen, Eric

Edition (24 work / s)

Code FX0719   Document

Opera without title


Ring binder
Containing editions and instructions for the "Opera" by the artist
Mimeographed sheets with drawings, texts and photos:

- "Opera from 1961", No. FX1476
- "To call../ announce"x"../ dec.11,1963../
   Select some.../the frequency..", No. FX1477
- "In an area: quite a number...", No. FX1478
- "/x/a person", No. FX1479
- "30 persons", No. FX1480
- "Taperecorder I / taperedorder II", No. FX1481
- "Divide the people present.."/
  "one object moving..", No. FX1482
- "Have the picture-goers seated..", No. FX1483
- "For any kind of performers.." /
  "Mail..", No. FX1484
- "The enclosed material.."
   and Manifesto, No. FX1485
- "I'll ask you to make..", No. FX1486
- "In Nikolai Church Copenhagen
   was built..", No. FX1487
- "Give a man or a group..", No. FX1488
- "Performers:
   1  "A": reading  
   2 "B","C"etc.: making, noise,..", No. FX1314
- "Any number of any instrument..", No. FX1490
- "Another instructions", No. FX1492
- "Tell audience that they..", No. FX1493
- "Establish an../How to read../
   Place an../Untitled", No. FX1494
- "An oject to be prepared
   or moved..", No. FX1495
- "You should know that I have
   made a film:..", No. FX1378
- "I agree with you ..", No. FX1363
- "The performanceroom: ..", No. FX1489
- "Give people../Place a taperecorder../
   In a room..", No. FX1491
- "Which is a 16 mm..", No. FX1365
- "This tape-piece is to be played..", No. FX1366
- "Untitled", 0492E
- "Don't do anything to this very nice...", No. FX1329