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The Rainbow Dinner Event


Event organized to celebrate Ay-O's 81 birthday, 19th May 2012
Edited by gallery 360°, Tokyo

1. Announcement
    Invitation flyer
    Colored offset on plastic paper, 36.5 x 26 cm.

2. Video
    Length: 27'36"

AY-O who is holding a large retrospective exhibition,
“AY-O: Over the Rainbow Once More” at the Museum
of Contemporary Art Tokyo for three month from February,
will reach his 81st birthday on 19th May.
Gallery 360° is planning a rainbow dinner on 19th May to
celebrate his birthday and the great success of the exhibition.

See also: "Series of Rainbow Happenings" No. FXM0571

1. Flyer

1. Artist's sign

2. Video