Brecht, George

Edition (29 work / s)

Code FXM0286 1/3   Performance

Word event


Instructions, audio and film version of the event edited by the artist:

1. Score, "Word event"
     Score card version, 1962
     Black offset on white card
     Included in "Water Yam" No. 0329E

2. Audio, "Entrance...", 1962
     Included in "Tellus #24", 1990, No. FXCM0076
     Recorded at Bell Labs, Murray Hill, New York, 1962
     with contributions by G. Maciunas e J. Tenney

3. Video, Fluxfilm N°10, "Etrance... to Exit", 7', 1965
    Part of "Fluxfilm Anthology", No. FXCM0334
    Video cassette
    With contributions by G. Maciunas e J.Tenney

Bibl.: "Fluxfilm Anthology", New York-Paris 1997-1998, p.12.