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The Fluxers portfolio


Published by Ed. Museion, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Bolzano
Portfolio containing twelve works by various Fluxus artists,
70 x 50 cm. each
Signed and numbered 22/50

- E. Andersen, "Bolzano Tartan", No. 0264E
- G. Chiari, "La pioggia è rumore ma è musica", No. 0153E
- P. Corner, "A plate for piece of reality", No. 0496E
- J. Dupuy, "Philosophie timbrée", No. 0241E
- K. Friedman, "A signature would destroy the artistic", No. 1250E
- G. Hendricks, "Thing I Can Do", No. 0765E
- J. Jones, "Piano piece", No. 0678E
- A. Knowles, "Whirlwind moon of the cree (D.)", No. 0625E
- B. Patterson, "The Flux Jump", No. 0651E
- T. Saito, "Ein Spiel", No. 0391E
- B.Vautier, "This Is a real Fluxus hole, handmade..", No. 0687E
- E. Williams, "Fluxus movens", No. 0082E

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G. Chiari

P. Corner

J. Dupuy

K. Friedman


J. Jones

A. Knowles


T. Saito

B. Vautier

E. Williams