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Code FXC1018   Document Collective

Aki Fluxfest


Documentation of the festival at Akademie
voor Beeldende Kunst Aki, Enschede
September 21-25, 1981

a. Folder containing: photos, documents,
    letters and works of different artists

    - Poster and program
      Color offset on paper, 49 x 33.5 cm
    - Letter of the manifestation
    - List of artists with documentation
    - Two photos (Arch. Sohm)
    - Catalogue with prices of books and periodicals
    - By E. Andresen:
      Performance flyer, No. FX1126-2a
      Letter from H. Ruhé to L. Bonotto, No. FX1126-2b
      B/W photos of the opus, No. FX1126-2c
      Original letter signed, No. FX1126-2d
    - Match packet by G. Chiari, No. 0067-1
    - Original letter signed by G. Chiari
    - Photo of the performance:"Fighting for a place at the piano"
      by G. Chiari and B. Vautier
    - Letter by H. Ruhé to G. Chiari                    
    - Original letter signed by L. Gosewitz and photos
    - Concert program by D. Higgins, No. FX1128-1
    - Postcard by D. Higgins, signed, FX1128-2
    - Musical compositions by T. Kosugi, No. FX1129
    - Postcard by A. Hutchins, No. FX1130
    - B. af Klintenberg: photo of "Street cleaning event"
      and original letter signed, No. FXPH1131 1/2            
    - Correspondence: Van Beveren and H Ruhé to M. Knížák
    - B. Lens, "Alarm Clocks", Fluxus Festival, The Hague and letter
    - Original message by F. Lieberman, signed, No. FXC2300
    - Letter from Van Beveren to W. De Ridder
    - Photo and correspondence by W. De Ridder/European Mail
    - Letter, telegram, photo by T. Saito, No. FX1133 1/3
    - Original letter to H. Sohm
    - Card "Aki Fluxtour Vostell Gelsenkirchen" No. FX1134-1
    - Original letter by W. Vostell, signed No. FX1134-2
    - Report of dis.. by Higgins,Andersen,Ben,Chiari,No. FXC1135
    - Drawing by Chiari, No. 0067-2
    - Article
    - Artzien
    - Two exhibition photos of Aky Fluxfest and documentation

b. Photographic documentation
    b/w photos, various sizes
    contained in ring binder, vol. II, No. FXC0830
    - Discussion of organization: E: Andersen, P. Van Beveren,
       B. Vautier, T. Saito, H. Ruhé, D. Higgins
    - Co-organizer P. Van Beveren and academy director S. Huismans
    - Discussion G. Chiari, E. Andersen, B. Vautier, D. Higgins
       See also Document No. FX1128/3
    - The exhibition with" Five photos..." by E. Andersen
    - Talking about Radio Art: W. De Ridder, No. FXPH0063/2
    - Performance by T. Saito, No. FX1133/4
    - W. T. Schippers, "The small tower of Drienerlo"
    - L. Gosewitz, "Wurftexte thrown" into the water
    - E. Andersen wanted coloured chairs for his performance
    - Performance by B. Vautier and G. Chiari
    - Fluxus concert with G. Chiari, E. Andersen, B. Vautier, D. Higgins
      and others
    - Piano Piece, La Monte Young, No. FXPH1012
    - Schiomi's descerding violin
    - A vase of flowers on (to) a piano, Brecht, No. FXM0485
    - Solo for violin
      performer: B. Vautier
    - Two Inches, R. Watts, No. FXM0341/4
       performers: E. Andersen, B. Vautier
    - D. Higgins and others slepping B. Vautier to the piano
    - Brecht's polishing
    - Visiting W. Vostell with a banner, by B. Vautier