Edition (43 work / s)


Code 0040S 1/2   Edition Collective

Grappa Fluxus


Published by the artists
Realized by M. Lunardon, Molvena
Edition of 8 works each

1. Grappa Fluxus, Box 1, 1993
    Serigraphed wooden box,
    36 x 51 x 10 cm., containing
    blown glass bottles of:
  - P. Corner, No. 0731E
  - J. Dupuy, No. 0250E
  - G. Hendricks, No. 0361E
  - A. Knowles, No. 0336E
  - B. Patterson, No. 0239E
  - E. Williams, No. 0439E

2. Grappa Fluxus, Box 2, 1997
    Serigraphed wooden box,
    40 x 62.5 x 16 cm
    containing glass bottles of:
  - E. Andersen, No. 0224E
  - D. Higgins, No. 0487E
  - M. Knížák, No. 0229E
  - T. Saito, No. 0744E
  - B. Vautier, No. 0687E
  - M. Shiomi, No. 0592E

Each bottle signed and numbered

Exh.: 2022-2023, Milan.

1. Box

P. Corner

J. Dupuy


A. Knowles


E. Williams

2. Box


D. Higgins

M. Knizak

T. Saito

B. Vautier

M. Shiomi