Millan, Fernando and others

Periodical (335 work / s)


Code PVC7331   Periodical Collective

Situación Tres. Poesía n.o.


  Magazine in the form of a poster, Spain
  Edited by Group n.o.
- Fernando Millán, "Donde está Ariadna / Where is Ariadna"
- J.A. Cáceres, "Adelgazamiento / Weight Loss"
- Miguel Lorenzo, "Señal de esperanza / Sign of Hope"
- Francisco Zabala, "untitled"
- Enrique Uribe, "Sueño afrancesado / French Dream"
- Jesús García Sánchez, "untitled"
- Amado Ramón Millán, "untitled"
  Printed by Artes Gráficas Luis Pérez. Madrid.
  Color offset on paper
  50 x 60 cm. (open)