Corner, Philip

Unique (14 work / s)

Code 0722 1/3   Unique

Temple of the eternal present


1. Project
    Three sheets printed black on white paper,
    29.5 x 21.5 cm.

2. Photographic documentation
    Colour photos, signed by the artist
    Contained in ring binder
   "Philip Corner Photographic documentation"

3. Work
a. Screen prepared, 230 x 200 cm., with:
    linen and nylon cloths, cardboard tubes,
    ten wooden frames, containing
    slide, tests, plastic tubes and a photo from
    the "Frammento dal mondo: Ritratto di Luigi", No. 0732
b. Black chair, stool with interventions,
    cabinet and slide projector
c. Two hundred slides takenat and around
    the Lanificio Bonotto and overlap two music compositions
    from "Gong Ear/Eart...", No. FXM0005 2/3