Corner, Philip

Edition (33 work / s)

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Early Fluxus Performance Events (1962 - 1977)


Published by Francesco Conz, Verona No. PVC0267
Cardboard folder containing 7 pages, 50 x 70 cm. each
Six serigraphy music scores in different colours on paper and
the last one is a cardboard score hand coloured by the artist
Signed and numbered A.P. 5

- "Piano Activities", 1962, No. FXM0392-3

- "Friendly Low Bb", 1964,  No. FX1523

- "Carrot Chew Performance", 1964, No. FXM0197

- "Quiet Work of Destruction", 1962, No. FX1524

- "A Keyboard Dance", 1964, No. FX1525

- "4th Finale", 1966, No. FX1526

- "Persimmon (Love Duet)", 1977, No. FX1346

Exh.: 2019, London ("Piano Activities", "Carrot Chew Performance").

Cardboard folder

Early Fluxus performance events

Early Fluxus performance events

Piano Activities

Friendly Low Bb

Carrot Chew Performance

Quiet Work of Destruction

A keyboard dance

4 th. Finale

Persimmon (Love Duet)