Filliou, Robert

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Whispered History of Art - Slowscan Vol.30


Published by Slowscan, Netherlands, No. FXC0040
12'' vinyl record

Audio program notes:

- Side A
   Dick Higgins, "Introduction to Robert Filliou's
   Whispered History of Art"
   Length: 11'10"

- Side B
   Robert Filliou, "Whispered History of Art" (1963)  No. FXM0133
   Length: 22'30"

Front cover design by George Maciunas; back cover by F. Garghetti:
R. Filliou and D. Higgins at Francesco Conz's house

See also Artist's book No. FX3112

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.

front cover

back cover

Side A

Side B