Hendricks, Geoffrey

Edition (18 work / s)

Code FXM0396   Performance

FluxNavy (1978)


Documentation of the performance realised at:

1. Museum Wiesbaden, 1982
    Advertising flyer of the exhibition
    "1962 WiesbadenFLUXUS 1982"
    B/w photo signed by G. Hendriks and J. Jones

2. Artpool Art Resource Center Budapest, 1993

3. Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle,
, 1994
    a. "Flux Ship George Maciunas/Joe Jones"
    b. "Day into Night"  
    Video cassette, VHS, No. FXM0395

4. Museo d' Arte Contemporanea
    di Villa Croce, Genoa
, 2002, No. FXC0494-5
    Photographic documentation by: F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
    30 x 24 cm. each, signed by the artist
- "Geoff in boat with water (like a child in bathtub)
    Blowing bubbles, playing with small boats,
    throwing streamers"
    Five b/w photos
-  Several headstands:
   "Happy Birthday Fluxus",
   (40Th anniversary Fluxus) Two b/w photos
   "Rainbow streamers on legs" No. FXM0470-3b
    Five b/w photos

5. "Flux for m.a.x.", 2012, No. FXC1269 -6
     During "Fluxus. Una rivoluzione creativa: 1962 - 2012"
     Homage to G. Maciunas and R. Watts
     performed by G. Hendricks and Robin
     Digital print on canvas, 140 x 50 cm.

6. Fluxus at 50. 1962-2012, 2012,
    Part of "Wiesbaden Fluxus Anniversaries", No. FXC9932
    contained in ring binder, vol. IV, No. FXC0830

See also: Photographic and video documentation, No. FXPH0544

1. front

1. back

3a. Warsaw

3b. Warsaw

4. Genoa

4. Genoa

4. Genoa

5. Chiasso

5. Chiasso