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From Something Else Press: Book Chronology


Published by "The Something Else Press", New York
Founded and directed by D. Higgins

- D. Higgins,
  "Jefferson's birthday / postface" No. FX0989

- R. Johnson,
  "The paper Snake" No. FX0990
- Al Hansen,
  "A primer of happenings & time/space art" No. FX0991
- A. Knowles, T. Schmit, B. Patterson, P. Corner,
  "The four suits" No. FXC0992
- R. Filliou,
  "Ample food for stupid thought" No. FX0993 1/2

- D. Spoerri,
  "An Anecdoted Topography of Chance" No. FX0994
- W. Vostell,
  "dé-coll/age happenings" No. FX0995
- R. Huelsenbeck,
  "Dada Almnach"
- G. Stein,
  "The making of Americans"

- E. Williams,
  "Anthology of Concrete Poetry" No. FX0996
  "Sweethearts" No. FX0997
- G. Brecht, R. Filliou,
  "Games at the cedilla..." No. FXC0998
- W. Brisbane Dick,
  "Dick's 100 Amusement"
- M. McLuhan,
  "Verbi-Voco- Visual Explorations"

- M. Cunningham,
  "Changes: notes on choreography" No. FX0181
- C. Oldenburg,
  "Store days" No. FX0999
- D. Rot,
  "246 Little clouds" No. FX1000 and No. FX0509
- E. Gomringer,
  "The book ofhour and Constellations" No. PV0765
- G. Stein,
  "Geography and Plays"
- R. Krauss,
  "There's a little ambiguity over
  there among the bluebells"

- J. Cage,
  "Notations" No. FX1001
- D. Higgins,
  "foew&ombwhnw" No. FX1002
- G. Stein:
  "Lucy church Amiably"
- W. Gutman,
  "The Gutman Letter"
- H. Cowell,
  "New Musical Resources"

- W. Vostell, D. Higgins,
  "Fantastic architecture" No. FXC1003
- D. Spoerri,
  "The mythological travels..." No. FX1004
- R. Meltzer,
  "The Aesthetics of Rock"

- I. H. Finlay and G.Huntly,
  "A Sailor's Calendar"  No. PVC0766
- E. Robson,
  "Tomas Onetwo"
- B. Porter,
  "I've Left"

- J. Mac Low,
  "Stanzas for Iris Lezak" No. FX1007-2
- D. Higgins,
  "A book about love & war & death" No. FX1009
- G. Stein,
  "Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein"
- B. Porter,
  "Found Poems"
- T. MacLennan,
  "1 Walked out of 2 and Forgot It"
- P. Finch,
  "Typewriters Poems"

- G. Hendricks,
  "Ring piece" No. FX1008
- E. Williams,
  "A Valentine for Noel" No. FX1010
- R. Kostelanetz,
  "Break through Fictioneers"  No. PV0767
- J. Giorno,
  "Cancer in My left ball"  No. PV0768
- Br. Gysin,
  "Brion Gysin Let the Mice In"  No. PV0769
- G. Stein:
  "How to Write. Barton"
- L. Katz,
  "The making of Americans"
- Ch. McIlvaine and R.K. MacAdam,
  "One Thousand American Fungi"
- C. Scher,
  "The Ten Week Garden"

- G. Stein,
  "A Book Concluding With As A Wife Has A Cow"
- J. Herman,
  "Something Else Yearbook"
- M. Eaton,

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Exh.: 2000, Bassano del Grappa; 2009, Barcelona ; 2012, Chiasso; 2015, Venice

Bibl.: "Something Else Press. An annotated bibliography by P. Frank", catalogue, 1983 ; "Creative R'evolution-50 years of Fluxus from the Archivio Bonotto", exhibition catalogue, Barcelona, 2009 ; "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution", exhibition catalogue, Chiasso, 1962-2012, p. 129

D. Higgins,

1964 - D. Higgins

R. Johnson,

1965 - R. Johnson

Al Hansen,

Al Hansen

A. Knowles, T. Schmit, B. Patterson, P. Corner,

A. Knowles, T. Schmit, B. Patterson, P. Corner

R. Filliou,

R. Filliou

D. Spoerri,

1966 - D. Spoerri

W. Vostell,

W. Vostell

R. Huelsenbeck,

R. Huelsenbeck

G. Stein,

G. Stein

E. Williams,

1967 - E. Williams

E. Williams,

E. Williams

G. Brecht, R. Filliou,

G. Brecht, R. Filliou

W. B. Dick,

W. B. Dick

M. McLuhan,

M. McLuhan

M. Cunningham,

1968 - M. Cunningham

C. Oldenburg,

C. Oldenburg

D. Rot,

D. Rot

E. Gomringer,

E. Gomringer

G. Stein,

G. Stein

R. Krauss,

R. Krauss

J. Cage,

1969 - J. Cage

D. Higgins,

D. Higgins

G. Stein,

G. Stein

W. Gutman,

W. Gutman

H. Cowell,

H. Cowell

W. Vostell, D. Higgins,

1970 - W. Vostell, D. Higgins

D. Spoerri,

D. Spoerri

R. Meltzer,

R. Meltzer

I. H. Finlay and G. Huntly,

1971 - I. H. Finlay, G. Huntly

E.M. Robson,

E.M. Robson

B. Porter,

B. Porter

J. Mac Low,

1972 - J. Mac Low

D. Higgins,

D. Higgins

G. Stein,

G. Stein

B. Porter,

B. Porter

T. MacLennan,

T. MacLennan

P. Finch,

P. Finch

G. Hendricks,

1973 - G. Hendricks

E. Williams,

E. Williams

R. Kostelanetz,

R. Kostelanetz

J. Giorno,

J. Giorno

Br. Gysin,

Br. Gysin

G. Stein,

G. Stein

L. Katz,

L. Katz

C. McIlvane, R.K. MacAdam,

C. McIlvane, R.K. MacAdam

C. Scher,

C. Scher

G. Stein,

1974 - G. Stein

J. Herman,

J. Herman

M.L. Eaton,

M.L. Eaton