Higgins, Dick

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Code FX0477   Announcement

Saint Joan at Beaurevoir


Advertising flyer designed by the artist
Blue offset on white paper,
Signed on back, 27.7 x 21.5 cm.

Included in "Ring Binder. Dick Higgins-Ephemera", No. FX0189

"St. Joan at Beaurevoir is", with the as-yet unproduced "Ladder to the Moon" (1959-1961) one of my two really large early theater works. I had worked out several lettering styles in the late fifties which intended to be read slowly and thus, hopefully, with satisfaction rather than swiftly, as with typography. This is what I called my small-cap heavy serif style. "Mathematically I was interested at the time in topographic problems and map coloring, and this piece uses a two-color system." (D.H.)