Higgins, Dick

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Code FXM0419   Performance

Constellations (1959)


Documentation of the performances:

1. Constellation for five performance, No.1, 1959
    Included in "An Anthology", No. FXC0891

2. Constellations No.1-2-3-4
  a. "Fluxus intérieur 16mm 1964-1972", No. FXM0136
      Performer: B. Vautier and others in 1967 and 1970
  b. "...soudain l' été Fluxus", 2009, No. FXC1763
      Performers: B. Vautier, B. Patterson, C. Dreyfus and E. Ferrer
      Photographic documentation and DVD
  c. Constellation No.4 realized during "Fluxus at 50", 2012, No. FXC9932
      Performed by B. Vautier      

3. Constellations No.3-4-6, 2004
    Included in "Saitama Once Only Fluxus Ensemble", No. FXM0531
    Performer: Ben Patterson and others

4. Long Constellation No.10 (for my father)
    Included in "Three Things", 1965, No. FX0580

5. Constellation No.11, 1977
  a. "Fluxconcert" at the Kichen, N.Y., 1979
      included in "Some Fluxus", No. FXCM0389
      Performer: D. Higgins and audience
      Video cassette, VHS
  b. "Time Samples", No. FX0704-1
      Performers: A. Knowles and others, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice
      Colored photos of L. Bonotto, signed by A. Knowles
  c. "Excellent 1992", No. FXCM0385

6. Constellations No.12 / Série 1959-80-84, 1986
    Included in "Festival d'In(ter)ventions 2. In Memoriam
    Georges Maciunas", No. FXCM0144

Exh: 2000, Bassano del Grappa ; 2009, Paris ; 2010, Moscow ; 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: G. Maciunas, "Biographical data" included in "Letters" ; J. Hendricks, "Fluxus Codex", exhibition catalogue, Detroit-New York,1988, p.40 ; "Sentieri Interrotti-Crisi della rappresentazione e iconoclastia nelle arti dagli anni Cinquanta alla fine del secolo", exhibition catalogue, Bassano del Grappa, 2000 ; "Guardare, raccontare, pensare, conservare...", exhibition catalogue, Mantova, 2004, p.274.

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