Higgins, Dick

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Documentation included in:

1. Excellent 92, Copenhagen 1992, No. FXCM0385
     VHS Videotape
2. Hudson Valley Literary Supplement, 1992
     Vol.2, No.1, "Interview with Mister Intermedia"
     by G. Green and P. Sims
     Newspaper, two sheets printed black on white,
     both sides, 43 x 28 cm.

3. The Misfits. 30 Years of Fluxus, 1993, No. FXCM0338
     Produced and edited by Lars Movin
     Video cassette VHS and DVD copy
4. Dick Higgins on Fluxus, 1986
     Interview by Carl Nørrested and
     Svend Thomsen in connection with "Metadrama"
     performances at SMFK, Copenhagen, 1986

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