Maciunas, George

Announcement (30 work / s)


Code FX0881 1/7   Announcement

Film-Maker's Cinemateque: Announcements


Posters and flyers designed by G. Maciunas, New York

1. Perpetual Fluxfest, 1965
    Black offset on beige paper, 33 x 22 cm.
    See also the second page of the "Fluxus Vacuum TrapEzoid"
    Newspaper #5, No. FXC1092 and "List of Fluxus Festivals", No. FX0452

2. "20 Flux Films at Anthology film Archives", 1966
    Black offset on white paper, 26.8 x 21.6 cm.

3. "Vali" 1966
    Black offset on white paper, 43 x 31.1 cm.

4. "Lenny Bruce at Village Theatre,
    2nd Ave. & 6th street"
, 1967
    a. Black offset on white paper, 57 x 44.2 cm.
    b. Color offset on white paper, 21 x 21.7 cm,
    Signed on the back by J. Mekas

5. "Schedule Film Makers' Cinemateque, 80", 1968
    Black offset on white paper, 28.6 x 21.8 cm.
    Signed on the back by J. Mekas

6. "America today", 1970
    Program one, consists of in a new series
    of journalistic films by:
  - J. Mekas, "Report from Millbrook" 1964/65
  - P. Gessener, "Time of the locust" 1966
  - R. Fiore, "Now do you see how we play?"
  - R. Machover and N. Fruchter, "Troublemakers" 1966
  - B. Baillie, "Mass For The Dakota Sioux" 1964
    Colours offset on white paper, 27.1 x 40.8 cm.

7. "3 Years ago No One had Heard of a Brand new Film"
    "Scorpio Rising"
, 1970
    Published in conjunction with the release of
    Kenneth Anger's film "Scorpio"
    Text by B. Moore
    Black offset on beige paper, 22.7 x 27.5 cm.

See also:
"Opera Sextronique", No. FX1145
"Fluxus Sonata II", No. FX0644
"New cinema festival I", No. FXC1658

Exh.: 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: "Art, No-Art & Anti-Art. A collection of relics "Published by Galerie A, Amsterdam Edited by Harry Ruhé, 2019, n.4b, p. 79.