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Anechoic Chamber Episode 5 - Enzo Minarelli

Podcast published by Anechoic Chamber
with Enzo Minarelli
Cover image: “Urloh” schematic by Enzo Minarelli

Sounds used in this episode:
- E. Minarelli, “Urloh (1984)”
- E. Minarelli, "Voci Nell Italia di Fine Secolo"
- E. Minarelli, "Gran Amor Platonico"
and others
Length: 45''09''

Topics: Is technology essential to sound poetry? /
not “performance art” or music / Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck: two different poetic
perspectives on language / relationship to the “avant-garde” + being comfortable
with tradition a la Dick Higgins / Can sound poetry be comedy? /Losing control of the audience /
different meanings of silence in performance: beyond John Cage /
“Urloh” + “Howl”: an example of art meeting life