Paik, Nam June

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Interviews included in:

1. "Paik. Du cheval à Christo et autres écrits", No. FX1289
      Interview with I. Lebeer, 1974
      "Marcel Duchap n'a pas pensé a la vidéo", pp.127-138

2. "Audio Arts magazine vol.9, No.4", 1989
      Audio cassette edited & produced by
      W. Furlong R M. Archer-London.
      Side B: Nam June Paik, discussion recorded during his
      exhibition "Video works 1963-88" at the Hayward Gallery

3. "Untitled", 1989
      Documentation of the interview with excerpt of video
      Video cassette VHS and DVD
      Included in Milano Poesia, No. FXC1301

4. "The Misfits. 30 Years of Fluxus", 1993, No. FXCM0338
      Video cassette, VHS and DVD copy

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4. Video