Patterson, Ben

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An Autobiography of Ben Patterson with knives


Part of "Magic Room", No. 1288

1. Work
    Installation of forty-six knives and hatchets
    with words, photos and cards included in
    plastic envelopes, each signed.
    Grid: 180 x 120 cm.

2. Project
    Three sheets with instructions for realizing the work.

3. Photographic documentation, Molvena, 1995
    Colored photos by L. Bonotto, various size.

The images of knives and hatchets are printed on two canvases and
used for realizing the work "An older man walking to work", No. 0658


project - page 1

project - page 2

project - page 3


Grandparents, 2 cousins , sister and me 1948

My mother and me ca.1950

Me as Boy scout 1950

Camp Twin Echo Boy Scouts 1946-1952

My high school classmates 1952

Me as captain of Track Team 1952

I finish high school 1952

My mother 1953

My father 1953

My first orchestra contract 1954

Climbing Grossgrockner, Austria 1959

My first wife Ilse 1962

My son Ennis, born 1962

My daughter Barbro, born 1964

My son Tobias, born 1979

Five days in Delaware River with rubber boat 1980

After 100 mile bike in Adironack Mountains 1981

6 weeks in Patagonia 1983

Helena and me in Newfoundland 1984

Me and Roger in Newfoundland 1984

My third wife Helena ca.1985

My first in New York

Large work explains my Theory of humor

My second in New York

I try to stop the Gulf War

The big Pittsburgh show!

My first in Paris

Since 1992 I live in Wiesbaden Erbenheim

My first in Milano

My second in Köln

First performance in Seoul

First performance of Orpheus & Eurydice

My first in Mannheim