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1. Exctract from The Misfits. 30 Years of Fluxus", No. FXCM0338
    by B. Patterson, Wiesbaden, 1982

2. Interview by Gregor Zootzky, 2010
    Downloaded from Youtube (from 1962 to 2002)

3. Ben Patterson tells Fluxus stories (from 1962 to 2002)
    Two CD box published by Gallery and Edition Hundertmark,
    "?Records", No. 0038S :
a. Interview by S. Felker and G. Westerrath
    In the kitchen of Wiesbaden
    Audio CD, signed
b. Rubber nose-mask and card with text
    and red-ink rubber stamp    
    Text: Maybe some are true and maybe some are false.
     If it is important for you to know which are which, please
     use the enclosed "nose - mask" to "sniff - out"
     the falsehoods and/or eraggerations.
     Audio CD, Signed and numbered  20/20