Saito, Takako

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Code FXM0619 1/3   Document / Performance

Silent Music


Documentation of the music performance realized during:

1. Milano Poesia, Milan, 1989 No. FXC1301
   - Video documentation
     Length: 03'40"
     Video cassette and DVD
   - Photographic documentation
     Six b/w photos by F. Garghetti No. FXC0017
     Each signed, 24 x 30.5 cm.

2. Fluxus Constellation, Genoa, 2002 No. FXC0494
    Five b/w photos signed by G. Hendricks and
    F. Garghetti No. FXC0017
    24 x 30 cm.
    Performed by: E. Andersen, P. Corner, C. Gualco, A. Knowles,
    L. Miller, A. Noel, B. Patterson, B. Vautier, E. Williams

3. Document, Letter addressed to Luigi and Graziella, 2004
    Notes regarding the performance dedicated to B. Patterson
    Two seeds and the invitation to use them to take part to
    "Musica silenziosa" for Ben's 70th birthday
    Included in ring binder "Takako Saito performances"

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