Simonetti, Gianni-E.

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Music scores


1. From the cycle "Mutica Ex", 1965
   a.  Éphémère (Le fait m'errent-tango)
   b.  Meine nächte sind heiser zerschrien
        Mixed media on paper, 70 x 100 cm.

2. Black Music (1971), 2008
    Re-edition by the artist of his music scores
    with execution's instructions on the first page
    Four digital prints on white cardboard
    25 x 33.5 cm. each
    Numbered 3/3 and signed

3. Sette quartetti. L'oublie de Métamorphoses, 2009
    a. Artwork.
        Edited and packaged by Archivio Bonotto, "Art & Industry"
        Wooden box containing seven digital color air-brush
        on crushed linen cloth, 122 x 300 cm.
        Numbered 3/3 and signed
    b. Projects.
        Sketches on white cardboard, 50 x 140 cm.
    c. Text and photographic documentation
    See also Document, No. FXC0662
    3c. Archived in "G.E. Simonetti. Correspondance and documents", No. FX0529

4. John Cage. Fontana mix (1958).
     A special female version
, 2013, No. 1352E
     Digital print, 48 x 66 cm.
     Signed and dedicated to Luigi Bonotto

5. Photographic documentation
    Various photos, 29.5 x 21 cm.
    Archived in "G.E. Simonetti. Correspondance and documents", No. FX0529

Exh.: No. 1a and 1b: 2009, Paris; 2010, Moscow. No. 3a: 2010, Ivrea. No. 3b: 2014, Milan, No. 1a: 2019, London.

1a. Ephémère

1b. Meine nächte...

2. Black Music - page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

3a. Sette quartetti

Primo quartetto

Secondo quartetto

Terzo quartetto

Quarto quartetto

Quinto quartetto

Sesto quartetto

Settimo quartetto

3c. explanations



4. John Cage. Fontana mix

video frame

video frame

video frame