Simonetti, Gianni-E.

Catalogue (4 work / s)

Code FXM0646 1/3   Performance

A Solo per Lame di Coltello. Un omaggio ad Andrew Marvell


Performance realized during
"Milano Poesia", Milan No. FXC1301

1. Video documentation
    Realised by Studio Azzurro, Milan
    Length: 03'21''
    Cassette VHS and DVD

2. Photographic documentation
    - Five B/W photos by F. Garghetti No. FXC0017
      24 x 30.5 cm. each. Signed
    - Composition of 4 b/w photos by F. Garghetti No. FXC0017
       28 x 70 cm.

3. Poem by Andew Marvell
    "An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland"
     Three sheets with the poems