Simonetti, Gianni-E.

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The Female Side of FluxusMusic. The Concert, Reggio Emilia


Performance concert at Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia,
ideated and directed by G. E. Simonetti,
during "Women in Fluxus & other experimental tales", No. FXC0663

Video program notes:

- B. Vautier, "Apples", No. FXM0368 -9
- G. Brecht, "Drip Music", No. FXM0415 -17
- J. Cage, "Food Frames" No. FX1538
- G. Brecht, "Solo for Viola Violin and...", No. FXM0417 -11
- T. Kosugi, Anima 1" No. FXM0639 -4
- G. E. Simonetti, "Homage to Duchamp" No. FXPH1606 -2
- G. Maciunas "In memoriam to A. Olivetti", No. FXM0325 -12
- T. Kosugi "Micro1" No. FXM0296 -12
- T. Saito "Paper Plane" No. FXM0633 -2
- J. Cage "Suite for Toy Piano", No. FXM0169
- T. Schmit "Zyklus for Water-Pails", No. FXM0480 -8
- G. E. Simonetti "Fontana Mix (1958). A Special
                           Female Version", No. 1352E -3
- R. Watts, "Trace for Orchestra" No. FXPH0566 -9

Total length: 75'00"

See also "Simonetti's Fluxus Concerts", No. FXC0958
and "Omaggio a Bonotto", No. 1015