Vautier, Ben

Edition (68 work / s)


Code 0682E 1/8   Edition

Je signe tout (1960)


Published by the artist:

1. Moi, Ben je signe, 1962
    Dictionary page with red felt-tip pen
    on white paper printed in black, 31 x 21 cm
    Part of "Ben Dieu - Art total sa revue", No. FX1263

2. Je signe tout, 1964
     Published for Fluxus Editions, New York,
     Black offset on white cardboard, 16.5 x 14 cm
     Part of "Fluxyearbox 1": book version, No. FX1250
     and in "Ben Dieu - Art total sa revue", No. FX1263

3. I signed the notion of everything..., 1964
     Vocabulary page glued on white paper, 13 x 17.5 cm
     Part of "Fourre Tout, No. 1", No. FX1262-01
     and "Nine Direction in Art", No. FX0284

4. Prise de possession du Tout, 1965
     Mimeographed on paper, 26.5 x 21.5 cm
     Part of "Tout", No. FX1264

5.  Ben signed "1966 ouvre d'art total", 1966
     Calendar, black offset on white card stock
     folded in two, 8 x 24 cm
     Included in "Ecrit pour la gloire", No. FX1068

6. Il y a toujours..., 1974
     Handwritten document in ink
     on white paper, 24 x 30 cm

7. Tout, 1984, No. 1346E-12
    Dictionary page glued on cardboard
    with rubber stamp, 28 x 20 cm
    Signed and numbered x/100

8.  Ben signed "The Fluxjump" by B. Patterson, 1992
     Colour serigrah on white cardboard, 70 x 50 cm
     Work signed by B. Vautier during the exhibition "Fluxers",
     Bolzano after Ben Patterson's refusal because the colour
     was not according to his instructions

9.  Ben signed Found Objects, 1993
   - Photographic documentation of the found objects' market
     Prepared at Galleria C. Gualco, Genoa
   - Pottery carafe color painted, 15 x 11 x 9 cm
     Part of the items for sale in the market

1. Moi

2. Je signe

3. I signed

4. Prise

5. 1966 ouvre

6. Il y

7. Tout

8. Fluxjump

9. photo

9. carafe