Vostell, Wolf

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Code FXPH0050   Performance

Neun Nein Dè-Coll/Agen


Photographic documentation of the happening
organized by Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal
Three B/W silver gelatin vintage photographic prints by Kuhn
Back: same annotation by Vostell's hand and typed text:
"Vostell. Nein, Wuppertal 14.9.63" and "H.A.B. Happening Archive"

a. A locomotive is preparing to crash into
    an old Mercedes car in Wuppertale Station, 15 x 30 cm.
b. An image of the locomotive at the
    very moment of impact with the car, 15 x 24 cm.
c. An image of the participants in
    a Fluxus bus trip shot from the front of the bus.
    Easily identified are A. Knowles and R. Filliou
    chatting, 18 x 24 cm.

Archived in Ring Binder "Wolf Vostell. Environments - Happenings 1", No. FXPH0695

See also "Serigraph no. 20", part of "V 40", No. 0545E
Fluxus-musik für Dada-Berlin, No. FX1101

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.

Bibl: "W. Vostell V40. 10 Happening Konzepte 1954-1973", Milan, pp.141-148 ; "Fluxus Zug. Das mobile Museum Vostell...", pp.100-101