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by Lidia Panzeri.

The artistic attitude that linked Beuys and John Cage, Chiari and Ben Vautier on Luigi Bonotto's Collection.
«Yoko Ono? Without her, John Lennon would have remain a provincialist»

"I'm sorry, but when the collection is a bit 'unguarded' debut as Luigi Bonotto, during the visit that winds along the path to the cottage industry of which he owns, in Molvena, a village not far from Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza). In an office one of his "portraits", which is an assembly of its everyday objects, bright colors, an installation of Milan Knizak, in a room of a totem of Nam June Paik in front of a wall of works by Ben Vautier, among frames the boxes with the 250 posters of Joseph Beuys, in a shop window a stone and two fossils collected by George Brecht, with the word "canceled." No corner or wall that does not exhibit a painting, a poster or a video, mingled with frames, in a mixture of art and life than ever suited to the poetry of Fluxus, which Bonotto is one of the most important collectors in Europe . For this, the fiftieth anniversary of the official birth of the movement in Wiesbaden (Germany) in 1962, the works in his collection are around the world: for example, in Reggio Emilia, where up to 24 February, at the Palazzo Magnani, is opened the exhibition "Women in Fluxus & Other Experimental Tales" (see "The Art Newspaper" no. 325, nov. '12, p 34). dedicated to women, on the initiative of Rosanna Chiessi, her friend from the Eighties , in Geneva, where on December 19, at the Musée Ariana, opens the exhibition curated by Adelina von Fürstenberg dedicated to the "Food" (until February 24, cf. box on the next page) for which it is already leaving a pack six bottles of red wine, strictly organic, produced by Beuys. Next to the factory, which was in his house (now Bonotto lives in Bassano) and where the end of the seventies the collector hosts artists: Fluxus, but not only because 60% of the collection refers to the concrete and visual poetry.

Mr. Bonotto, why his interest in Fluxus began twenty years after the birth of the movement?
When he allowed the proceeds of my factory. In Veneto, Asolo, there was a precedent with Francesco Conz, which I consider my teacher. Unfortunately his death his work has been lost. That's why I decided to drop everything and put it all online, available to all. And are carried out on an experimental basis, in the exhibition of Reggio Emilia.

How many voices?
Impossible to make an exact count. But they are about 5 thousand cards, each card contains an average of 20 works, including videos, music, documents, posters, interviews, paintings and sculptures. A test? For details of John Cage is also close half an hour.

His sons say that after his meeting with Fluxus his mind is "broken up."
But they add: "For luck." One of the consequences is that I left my career as an artist. I had been a student of Widow, but I knew I could not bear comparison with Duchamp or Beuys.

How was your background?
Through the passion of my father John for art. Introduced me to Giotto and Michelangelo. In its business in Europe attending museums and informed me of his findings. Favored the Impressionists.

How are your relationships with the artists?
Friendship with Giuseppe Chiari and Gianni Emilio Simonetti, who still tells me his enthusiasm for telephone (two of their scores are included in the exhibition of the twentieth century in Bassano, En). As for George Maciunas, who I never met, was primarily an impresario. The true artist was George Brecht, who isolated himself in the Black Forest and is completely ignored. I hope it is soon discovered.

What tells us Yoko Ono
Dear, oriental, smart, intelligent, friend, in the sixties, the most important artists in New York. Not only Fluxus also of Pop Art. Without her, John Lennon would have been a provincial. In 2009, when he received the Biennale with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Malvena Yoko stayed in for a week. We made posters with the words "Dream", spread throughout Italy.

A tip for collectors?
Better to buy a house. Otherwise there is a risk of being wrong 90%.


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