Andersen, Eric

Document (17 Schede)

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Photographic documentation


Pictures showing the artist working and relaxing in Molvena
Colour photos taken by Luigi Bonotto, many photos
have been signed and dedicated:

- "Decision-Set", No. FX1496
- "Yellow touch (1961-1962)", No. 0222E
- "A seducing table", No. 0663
- "Brentana. Ca' lungo la Brenta", No. 0368
- "Performance Prot. No. 173", No. FX0735
- "A quattr'occhi", No. 0417
- "Un'informazione in più", No. 0421
- "Rosso lacca", No. 0416E
- "Le chiavi della via", No. 0661
- "Monumento al bicchiere socialista", No. 0420
- "Mitologia della lingua", No. FX0739
- "Red shoes for Luigi"
- "This rocket was invented"
- Various photos of artist's friends
   in Molvena with Luigi
- "Det Nøje planlagte", No. FXPH0058
- "Roskilde Fjorden", No. FXC1647
- Various photos of artist's friends
   in Roskilde with Luigi, 1996