Brecht, George

Edition (37 Schede)

Code FXM0417 1/11   Performance

Solo for violin, viola, cello or contrabass (1962)


1. Score 1963
  a. Card version.
      Typed and mimeographed, 11 x 7 cm. Included in "George Brecht events scores sheets and cards"
  b. Cardboard Included in "Water Yam", 1963, No. 0329E
     and "In the Spirit of Fluxus", No. 0036S

Performance's photographic and video documentation included in:

2. Fluxus intérieur 16mm 1964-1972 No. FXM0136
    Performer: Ben Vautier
    Length: 00'05"
3. Warsaw day into night, Warsaw 1994, No. FXM0395
    Performer: G. Hendricks
    Length: 01'48"
4. Fluxus media opera. Original Fluxus & Fluxus in the
    electronic media era
1994,  No. FXCM0337
    Length: 03'03"
5. Sentieri interrotti, Bassano del Grappa 2000
    No. FXC0663
6. ... soudain l'été Fluxus, Paris 2009, No. FXC1763
    Length: 01'48"
7. Concerto Fluxus, centro culturale "La Serra", Ivrea, 2010
    Performer: Gianni-Emilio Simonetti
8. Who will Live - will See, Moscow 2010, No. FXC1388
    Performers: B. Vautier
9. Fluxus Concert, Chiasso, Chiasso 2012, No. FXM1380
    Performers: Various
10. Fluxus Concerts. An Anthology I & II, Venice 2012
      No. FX1310
      Performers: Various
11. The Female side of FluxusMusic. The Concert
     Reggio Emilia 2013, No. FX1382
     Performer: Various students
     Length: 03'22"

Bibl.: "George Brecht Events, Eine Heterospektive. A Heterospective", exhibition catalogue, Cologne, 2005, p.92, p.301

score - card

score - cardboard

Nice 1965

Warsaw 1994

Fluxus media opera

Paris 2009

2010 Moscow

Reggio Emilia 2013