Cage, John

Video (15 Schede)

Code FX1538   Video / Performance

Food Frames


1. Food Frames, 1988
    Reading from Stephane Mallarme's "A throw of the dice"
    by John Cage and Alison Knowles,
    associated with related images and a cooking performance
    Recorded by Edmond Chibeau, New York
    Length: 35'45''

2. Make a Salad, 2011
    Edited by Alison Knowles
    Performed by herself, Meghan DellaCrosse
    and the students of Theater 65
    Co-Sponsored by the HOOD Museum
    and the Dartmouth Department of Theater, Hanover
    Length: 03'41''
    (Video downloaded from the net)

3. Food Frames, 2013
    Edited by Gianni Emilio Simonetti
    Performed by himself and his students
    during "The Female side of
    Fluxusmusic. The Concert",
    "Women in Fluxus & other Experimental tales",
    Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia
    Length: 08'09''

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