Cage, John Milton Jr.

Audio (61 Schede)


Code FXM0169 1/2   Video / Performance

Suite for Toy Piano (1948)


Documentation of performace realized during:

1. Public talk as presentation of the book
    "Non ho paura delle rose", Scandicci, 1995 No. FXC0076
    VHS cassette
    Performer: Daniele Lombardi

2. Video recording at "The Basament", 2008
    Performer: Steve Butters
    Downloaded from internet

3. "The Female side of FluxusMusic. The Concert", 2013 No.  FX1382
    Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia
    Performer: Gianni Emilio Simonetti

See also Artist's book No. 0203E

1. D. Lombardi

2. S. Butters

3. G. E. Simonetti