Cage, John Milton Jr.

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Empty Words (Parte III)


Live reading at Teatro Lirico, Milano, December 2, 1977

1. Video documentation
    Excerpt from the report "John Cage: Concerto Contro"
    edited by M. Giandinoto, R. Marengo.
    Broadcast by Rai Educational, "Mosaico" program.
    Containing interviews, press conference and concert's excerpt.
    Length: 14'40"
    Web download
    Uploaded on Youtube by pastarossa, October 2010

2. Audio documentation
    Comments and reactions from the public during the concert,
    recorded by Pietro Pirelli.
    Length: 31'00"

See also: Artist's Book, No. FX1341

Bibl.: John Cage, "Empty Words: Writings '76-'78", Maron Boyards, London-Boston 1980, pp. 51-63.

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2. audio

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