Beuys, Joseph / Schmit, Tomas / Vostell, Wolfand others

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Festival Der Neuen Kunst


Festival of New Art "Actions, Agit-Pop, Dé-coll/age,
Happening, Events, Antiart, L'Autrisme, Arttotal, Refluxus"
at Technische Hochschule, Aachen, July 20, 1964
Artistic organiser: Tomas Schmit

a. Catalogue, No. FXC0167

b. Poster, No. FX0841

c. Video
    "Kukei, Akopee - Nein! Braunkreuz -
    Fettecken - Modellfettecken"
    Excerpt from DVD
    "Atlantis. 3 Aktionen 1964 - '65", No. FXCM0315
    Sound: Bazon Brock, length: 24'25"

d. A little brochure, 1996
     Document of the Festival der Neuen Kunst  
     Published by Goethe Institute Warsaw
     pp. 42, 20 x 14 cm.

See also "List of Fluxus Festivals and concerts", No. FX0452

Exh.: 2010, São Paulo ; 2012, Chiasso.

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